Wuhan: Housing decoration complaints soared nearly 6 times

Wuhan, China Consumer News (reporter Wu Caiping) Recently, Wuhan, Hubei province, Bureau of Industry and Commerce released the first quarter of this year’s consumer complaints report, housing decoration complaints increased nearly six times year-on-year.

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In May 2017, Mr. Shen, a consumer, found a decoration company in Wuhan to decorate a new house by TV advertisement. The „full contract” signed by the consumer agreed to deliver the whole set of electrical appliances within three months. The contract expired on August 1, 2017, and the decoration company demanded an extension until September 16, which was not completed until December 16. According to the agreement, one week after delivery of the donated electrical appliances, decoration company is also repeatedly delayed.

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In the first quarter of this year, 12315 Center of Wuhan Industry and Commerce Bureau received 1180 similar decoration complaints. The number of complaints reported continued to grow, up 5.9 times over the same period last year, ranking first in service complaints. Complaints are mainly related to: businessmen did not fulfill the contract as agreed, no deposit refund, not completed on time, not timely delivery of promised gifts of household appliances; businessmen in the „full package” decoration, skillfully set up items to increase prices; decoration projects false price, building materials to fill the second; decoration companies run away, so that consumers complain doodless.brca gene mutation

Wuhan industry and commerce department reminds consumers to choose decoration companies with good reputation and long operating time when decorating their homes; to sign contracts conscientiously, materials, quality standards, delivery time, liability for breach of contract should be clearly written.

In addition, according to Wuhan’s first quarter consumer complaints data, prepaid consumer complaints continued to grow, of which complaints in the field of education and training increased by 2.7 times compared with the same period last year. The problems that consumers reflect mainly involve the inconsistency between the service quality and the agreed content, the unilateral modification of the contract content by the merchant, the difficulty of returning the card and so on.

Express private face disappeared because of privacy, „ghost” hard to guard against

More and more consumers are paying attention to the personal privacy of users. privacy face sheets have been

introduced by major express delivery companies to protect personal information. But recently, some netizens

reported to Beijing Business Daily that the privacy face sheets introduced by enterprises including Suning,

Jingdong and Xinbi have disappeared and the express sheets have become original again. A regular list with personal

information. In this regard, some enterprises said that due to the „6.18” period of large orders, resulting in a

systematic adjustment of the region, so the list may not appear „invisible” state. However, industry experts said

that the current privacy face sheet penetration rate is only 20%, the recovery of the above corporate face sheet,

may also be due to the failure of the pilot factors.

privacy is „visible”.

From late April to early May, 2007, through the joint EMS, Baishi Express, Zhongtong, Shentong, China post

Corporation, Tiantian, Debang, Yuantong, Yunda and other major express companies, newbie online new privacy face

sheets, in which the mobile phone number of consumers is no longer fully displayed, the specific home address has

also been done. Reason. The humanization of business makes the consumers pay attention to personal privacy.

One shop owner, who sells women’s clothes at Taobao, said, „Buyers can stop tearing face sheets and save

effort to protect personal information. They feel very friendly. privacy can enhance users’ experience and privacy,

and bring back many customers to online stores.

Li Hongyu, an expert on rookie express service, said the privacy front was open to all businesses. „When

trial run, there are many businesses inquire about how to use.” Because of the rookie electronic surface and cloud

printing technology, the protection of users’ mobile phone information can be realized. Businesses that want to

access this service need to install cloud printing components first, which are more convenient and efficient than

traditional sheet printing.

But recently, Ms. Minwu of Beijing told the Beijing Business Daily that the express she received showed her

personal information again. Ms. Wu was puzzled. „Why did the goods purchased on the same platform show her personal

information again?” In addition to the situation reflected by Ms. Wu, the Beijing Business Daily reporter also

found that a forum on the Internet called Tucao said that enterprises including Suning, Jingdong and rookie network

had restored their privacy to their previous state. Many consumers who had received personal information showed

that their personal information was „visible”.

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As for the privacy issue being re displayed, the Beijing Commercial Daily reporter contacted the above

companies respectively. Suning said the privacy list is a standard service content of Suning, which now covers 100%

of Suning consumers. However, during the „6.18” period, due to the increase in the number of packages, in order to

ensure the timely delivery of terminal dispatchers, some areas have made systematic adjustments. Suning privacy

Document does not do customer segmentation and product restrictions, is a general service for all categories of

goods, for all consumers, to maximize the protection of users’privacy does not leak.

Jingdong responded that the company tried out a „smiling face sheet” in June 2016, using technical means to

hide user’s personal information from the package when it was created, replacing it with a smiling face (^ ^), in a

more affectionate way to effectively protect user privacy copd exacerbation. In the case of hidden face sheet information, Jingdong

Distributor is relying on Jingdong independently developed an App „Jingniu” to contact users. However, during the

„June 18” period, the order volume of Jingdong soared, in order to ensure that users receive the favorite

commodities as soon as possible, a large number of crowdsourcing capacity as a supplement to the „June 18”

logistics business for comprehensive support, crowdsourcing distributors are unable to login and use the „Jingniu”.

Based on this, during the „6 / 18” promotion period, Jingdong suspended the „smiling face list”. At present,

Jingdong’s self run delivery order has been reopened.

The rookie network says that privacy sites are now being tested in major cities in China. privacy face sheet

technology is based on electronic single cloud printing, that is, the merchant in the face sheet printing hidden

part of the consumer information. So it depends not only on the express company, but also on the business that

consumers choose when buying. But whether the privacy sheet is used or not does not depend on the commodity

category, mainly on which express company the merchant chooses, and whether or not to use the electronic single

cloud printing technology with hidden information.


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