Wuhan: Housing decoration complaints soared nearly 6 times

Wuhan, China Consumer News (reporter Wu Caiping) Recently, Wuhan, Hubei province, Bureau of Industry and Commerce released the first quarter of this year’s consumer complaints report, housing decoration complaints increased nearly six times year-on-year.

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In May 2017, Mr. Shen, a consumer, found a decoration company in Wuhan to decorate a new house by TV advertisement. The „full contract” signed by the consumer agreed to deliver the whole set of electrical appliances within three months. The contract expired on August 1, 2017, and the decoration company demanded an extension until September 16, which was not completed until December 16. According to the agreement, one week after delivery of the donated electrical appliances, decoration company is also repeatedly delayed.

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In the first quarter of this year, 12315 Center of Wuhan Industry and Commerce Bureau received 1180 similar decoration complaints. The number of complaints reported continued to grow, up 5.9 times over the same period last year, ranking first in service complaints. Complaints are mainly related to: businessmen did not fulfill the contract as agreed, no deposit refund, not completed on time, not timely delivery of promised gifts of household appliances; businessmen in the „full package” decoration, skillfully set up items to increase prices; decoration projects false price, building materials to fill the second; decoration companies run away, so that consumers complain doodless.brca gene mutation

Wuhan industry and commerce department reminds consumers to choose decoration companies with good reputation and long operating time when decorating their homes; to sign contracts conscientiously, materials, quality standards, delivery time, liability for breach of contract should be clearly written.

In addition, according to Wuhan’s first quarter consumer complaints data, prepaid consumer complaints continued to grow, of which complaints in the field of education and training increased by 2.7 times compared with the same period last year. The problems that consumers reflect mainly involve the inconsistency between the service quality and the agreed content, the unilateral modification of the contract content by the merchant, the difficulty of returning the card and so on.