The journey of life

Bustling streets, the next river. Shine on the rivers and mountains. The stars are numbered. Take care of loneliness. Calm and leisurely, the world is in a state of mind. Half windows, wind and rain, Kataiba Wataharuaki. The inscription.

Autumn wind, Xiao Xiao leaves all over the sky. Wandering freely, not dreary of dancing in the sky. When the soul goes to the earth, it still remembers the verdant and luxuriant nature. The spring rain is misty. Xia Ying Fang Rong, cicada frog calls for hiding lotus. The autumn wind is rustling, and the dream of prosperity is going to the peach. When the winter snow turns, the hundred turns will be lost.

Leaf dance a good autumn, cut off the bustling laughter Jiuzhou.

Time flows quietly, and time changes. From the initial ignorance, to the present material desire crossflow, we are constantly running around in life, but also in life to create. Do not know is to satisfy their own desires, or to realize the value of life, we are in the sweat and tears of continuous efforts, struggle.

there will always be regrets, either this or that, maybe there is no good family background, maybe there is not enough intelligence, or there is no suitable platform for development. But God never pays special attention to someone, or especially to exclude someone. From birth, everything we have and what we encounter is not a gift from God. Many things appear in our lives. We have to learn to adapt and learn to overcome them.

Life is like this, we love it, it loves us, we abandon it, it also abandons us. It is true that life always encounters difficulties, either here or there, but as long as we face them bravely and make unremitting efforts, all these become the cornerstone of our success. Life will not be without setbacks, nor will it be without luck. Only by constantly challenging and growing, can we perfect ourselves and achieve the desired future.

On the journey of life, we will get more and more. Many times, we think we get the material we want, but we lose the precious feelings; we think we have made many friends, but regret not to know their bosom friend. In this world of light and wine, we are tempted by all kinds of things, money, fame and wealth, power… No matter what we want to do.